Buy a KTM 250 EXC?

Just wanted some model year-specific info on the 2005 250EXC 2-stroke. I know its the last year before the new XC's/XCW's, but did the '05 initially receive the same "latest" frame geometry that the new ones now have? Also, what about the engine performance? I rode an '04 and it was basically a "3-stroke" it was so nice and tractable. I have heard that the newer bikes have hotter, more powerful powerband charactatistics. I am looking for easy to ride. I owned an '04 200 and hated both its handling and very abrupt engine. Is the '05 250 motor more like the '04, or more like the new XC/XC-W models? Lastly, are there any model year-specific problems that plague this bike? Thanks in advance for your wisdom and insight!

I dont think there was much change engine wise between 04 & 05.

I havent ridden any KTM's other than 06's.

From everything I have read, the frame geometry and suspension/handling improved significantly in 06.

The only difference in the 04 to 05 - 250 motor is the CDI. And no one seems sure if that's just the physical design of the box or there is a different map. So the motors are very close, if not identical. 06 saw the domed piston/head come to all the 250's.

The 05 frame was a 'tweener. A unique year. It got the new oval frame tubes around the motor cradle area, as compared to the 04's. 06 250/300's only got a 1/2 degree steeper steering head, and they became black.

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