Oil Capacity "woopsie"

Wow. So I am reading the sticky's and I see engine oil 660-690, transmission 570 or so... I have had my bike for 30 hours and I have always had those numbers flipped! I think due to the 670cc3 marking on the transmission side! Funny thing is the bike has never been low on oil according to the site glass and it gets changed every hour anyway... and I guess some figure that I should be over filling my tranny slightly anyway, but holy crap, for a maintenance freak like me this is devastatingly humbling! Valves are all still in spec and everything continues to be top notch, but I guess I must start remembering a NEW set of numbers!

My question then is can I assume the sight glass gives a "high" reading, or is it just fine to be off by 70cc evertime!

More never hurts. You should run at least 700ml in the tranny, and as long as there's a good level in the engine sight glass you're good to go.

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