Petrol cap..which way does it unlock?

Hello all. Just wanted to know which way the key turns to unlock the DRZ petrol cap?? I have taken mine off because i needed to clean it and can't remember hich way it turns to unlock!!

Another Problem...

I bought a lockset from the TT store and the petrol cap is not black like mine...its silver and TOO BIG to fit into my tank....HELP!!!!!

I think it turns clockwise, and I think you got a California gas cap.

clockwise is correct (filled up bike on the way to work tonight :thumbsup:)

as for the other thing shug shug

The uk one doesn't turn clockwise then.....Cause mine doesn't

Just found out that I have got a Cali gas cap...Harry at the TT store has been very helpful to me and is going to refund me.....Oh and when I unlock my gas cap the key stays in the lock and wont come out until i lock it this normal?

Thats normal. I turn to the left (counter-clockwise) to open and the key seems to stay in. When I put the cap back on I turn the key to the right and pull it out.



p.s. +1 on Harry at the TT store. That is one nice parts guy. Too bad they all weren't like him.

Key stays in as a safety feature so you cant lock your cap off.

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