Another Which Bike???


I'm looking for a SM bike in the near future. I plan on using this mostly as a city cruiser, I will be travelling quite a bit in a house trailer and pick-up. I would like a bike I could put in the trailer (not a toy hauler, it would have to go through the side door), or I could keep it in the back of the truck if necessary, but I would like it out of sight. The bike will be used mainly for paved roads, but with some dirt/back roads (probably 70/30). I am 6'2, and about 250lbs so it can't be too small. I consider myself an average/medium skilled rider. I just sold the first bike I ever owned/driven, it was a 2004 CRF450. It took a few rides to get used to the power, but I had no problem handling it.

From reading all the posts on here, I think a Suzuki DR400 would be the best bet, any other suggestions, would I be making a mistake with this bike?

The DRZ400SM is a good all around bike.

Being the big 250 pound boy you are it might be worth considering one of the bigger 600cc bikes from KTM, Husqvarna or Husaberg.

ktm and husky make some sweet 600cc (or around there) bikes :thumbsup:

I herd the Husky 510sm was lighter & had more power than the would'nt the 510 be a better buy?& there both street legal for 07

You and I are in the same boat. I own a 06 DRZ400 SM. I Have a Love/ Like relationship with it. I love to ride it, I dislike its lack of power (even with air box, pipe, jetting mods). It have been the most reliable bike I have ever owned, I dislike the head shake above 85 MPH. I love the looks of the bike in black, I dislike having to find gas every 50 miles. If you want a bike that does not break down and you plan an driving it under 60 MPH the DRZ is great. Myself I had to go check out the Ducutti 950 Hypermoto tonight. Nice bike but after talking to the shop owner for about a hour he suggests that I might be interested in something else. He rolls out a KTM 690 SM and a Husky 610. Next week I am on vacation and plan on riding all of them. Has anybody else checked out any of these bikes yet.

Was jut looking at the KTM690 on the web, when displaying the the bike in different colors, I noticed that the orange & the black models come with standard laced spoke wheels while the gray model had 5 spoke mags? ....Hmmm...could that be right?..tubeless tires then? Also the kTM is about 20lbs heavyier that the Husky 610 (probably do to those large dual pipes) & about 70lbs hvy'r than the husky 510. The KTM I believe also has 5-10hp more than the husky's .(as you probably guessed...I too am in the market to buy... so let me know what U think of your test rides.....& which 1 is better sooted 4 daily commuting)..................:thumbsup: ....what to buy..what to buy???:thumbsup:

Question: which is most important horsepower or reliability.

(Remember as a 400sm owner I am biased).

I tend to like the DR because it's fairly bulletproof. I've done all the mods (pipe/jet/airbox/handlebars/levers/320mm disc/stainless brakelines/turnsignals/blah blah) and am very happy with things. Even with my meddling meathooks I haven't managed to have anything worse that running the battery dead by leaving the key on happen to it.)

The Huskies bring more ponies and less wieght and a slightly flawed reputation with them. Don't get me wrong...I'd love a KTM or Huskie but I don't have dealers near me that stock them. If I had one near me with a big stock and a large shop things might be different.

As a day to day bike I can't find anyone to say a bad thing about the DRz (begin posting now irate SM owners)...

None of the competition ready SM bikes are much good for daily commuting, unless you only have a 15-20 minute commute.

Best to test sit or ride these bikes before pulling the trigger on a purchase. You can overlook or kid yourself about ergonomics but until you've had seat time on these machines you really don't know how uncomfortable these bikes can be after 20 minutes on a padded 2x4, oops I mean saddle.

Don't forget to look at the Husabergs. :thumbsup:

to my knowledge..(which aint saying a whole lot)..the Husabergs don't come street least not in California.

to my knowledge..(which aint saying a whole lot)..the Husabergs don't come street least not in California.

Mumms the word but have you made the effort to ask your Husaberg or other dealer about a plate? It's kind of a gray area with these bikes and don't expect an answer over the phone. For all we know you're with the DMV police. Best to visit the dealer in person, close the blinds, turn down the lights and ask nicely. You might be surprised.

It probably means absolutely nothing but around here is we see a number of Husaberg's with CA plates, including my bike. :thumbsup:

Remember, mumms the word. Keep it on the down low.

Just hate to spend all that cash & end up being that 1 lame duck that couldn't get a plate.Talked a bit to the Aprilia salesman, BUT once again its not guaranteed.:thumbsup:

Do you think the dealer might agree to intiate the process of getting the plates and if it's successful you buy the bike, but if not then they keep it as long as you pay for the registration fees?

I did forget to mention that reliability will be a big issue. I will be travelling, so I won't have a lot of time to spend doing oil changes (which is why I'm turned off the KTM's, I was looking at a 525EXC, not sure about the SM versions though). I want a bike I can do 150km/day with no problems, and not have to worry about it leaving me stranded.

Do you think the dealer might agree to intiate the process of getting the plates and if it's successful you buy the bike, but if not then they keep it as long as you pay for the registration fees?

I didnt ask & they didnt offer....but I probably should have.If anyone knows a dealer close to the bay area (Northern California)that might do that, send me a private message or post cause the Aprilias "R" KiK @zz - . And the Husabergs also "R" pretty nice bikes from posts I've read on this sight. & No I dont work 4 the DMV :thumbsup: LoL..Like most of U, Im a hard working American who wants BANG 4 his BuCk & it suckz that California & some other states try to put a squeeze on everything fun :thumbsup: .. & thats just my opinion so dont take it 2 hart :busted:...................................sorry jetskiier not trying to change the subject or steal your thread..... guess I should of started my own HeHe.. but I do agree with U ,Reliability & low maintenance is important in a bike.

I'm with you guys. I really want a FS550e, but only if I can get it plated :thumbsup: even if only for a couple of years.

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