SB 742 / Lois Wolk

I have a political blog and I have a fairly good reader base of political people in Northern CA including Lois Wolk. There was a letter in our local paper from Sierra club members trying to slam OHV riders and trying to get Sb 742 revised. I posted a blog about the letter and slammed them back, which has brought them also leaving comments.

It would be cool if TT readers would jump on the blog and leave some good comments. Keep it clean. Lois reads this blog daily....

By the way, I am the Realist, so you know which comments are mine. You can leave comments anonymous if you would like. They are screened for language.

Lois Wolk? Who dat is?

Lois Wolk is the Assembly Woman in Northern CA. Very Anti OHV.

Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad also posted on his blog about this same letter, you can read it here.

The dude who wrote the original, anti-OHV piece is blatantly exaggerating his 'facts'. Roving bands of dirt bikers terrorizing private property owners? Call the dept of homeland security!

That is a problem. People like that guy, who run the Sierra Clubs.

That is a problem. People like that guy, who run the Sierra Clubs.

Big time, bro. Normal citizens read the type of bullshit this guy writes, and believe it, simply because it is written.

I don't blame anyone that feels that SB742 should be revised as it now stands. It is a poor piece of legislation. It was scheduled to be heard July 3rd in the Assembly Committee for Water, Parks, and Wildlife. Senator Steinbergs office had it pulled Monday so it did not get heard. Seems like his office was not confident that the bill would get a good reception in the committee. So far, it has not been rescheduled to be heard in the committee. The next comittee meeting is next Tuesday, the 10th.

If the blog were directed to SB742 instead of good/bad OHV people, I'd jump in there with both feet. And for those that haven't been following SB742, it is a revamp of the California OHV program. It was authored by senator Steinberg and co-authored by assembly woman Lois Wolk.

Keep informed and active

Ride on


CERA...assistant LAO

Hopefully most rational people will realize that these groups like the sierra club are not interested in hearing about responsible ORV use which makes up the overwhelming majority of recretional ORV use. Their tactics are to exagerate everything in the hope that legislators who are sympathetic to their cause will pass legislation denying freedom to ORV users. These people have a mentality of 'all for them', if they had the power to totally eliminate ORV use 100% I guarantee you they would do it in a second.

My father, as CEO of a now defunct motorcycle company, made several trips to Washington DC to fight these evil bastards. He was a very well spoken brilliant man but when the subject of the sierra club and their attempt to close lands for recreational ORV use came up one could tell his blood boiled.

Personally I think our only defense is to join blue ribbon and act responsibly. Which is more that can be said for some of the hard core enviro-wackos that have torched car dealerships and driven spikes into trees with the intent to cause injury. Sure there are bad apples on both sides but we cannot lose sight of the fact that both sides should be given due consideration on land usage.

Ride on....

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