Is it true?

that some crotch rockets can go like 90mph in first gear or something crazy like that? if so, which one? and if you can find that info for me somewhere thatd be great. i heard this somewhere but need to verify it, my uncle and i put a bet on it.:thumbsup:



i think the busa can go like 80 in first. least what i heard

I have an 05 zx-10R, it'll do 102 in 1st before it hits the limiter.

I have had 6 sportbikes and yes it true, all depends on gearing size etc. most bikes 750 and up will be close to 90 or over before you hit the limiter, i have onboard came footage but take me a month to dig through all the tapes. Do some searching like or plenty of vids there

thanks a lot guys. now i get $20 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

Honda 600RR 74mph stock gearing and some breating mods in 1st gear.

04-06 R1 99mph in first Sportrider confirmed

GSXR 1000 with the restictor removed...

as mentioned....the R-1

yes its very true my god dad had a bike the went 100 in first i dont think he ever reached 5 lol

1st will get 90 but topped out 186

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