The Wr will be sold?

Im about to advertise my WR this weekened. I want to sell it and get bike for motox. The Wr is just a too big bike. It would be better if it had the yz tank and seat but thats worth $740. So I going to sell it.

What do you guys think I should get. There is a brand new 99' RM125 for sale at a good price. Do you think its worth it, waiting and saving to get a 2001 model motocrosser. I am not the best rider so I think I will go with the 99' RM125.

Seeya later



Have you ever ridden a 125 mx'er? The first time I rode one, I thought it was broken! I was actively racing my 1980 Yamaha YZ465 at the time, so the difference between the two was tremendous.

125's have no bottom end. You have to scream the engines to get the HP. A 250 would be my recommendation. I don't have a recommendation, but stay away from the 97-99 Honda CR's. The 2000 was better, with the 2001 being the best. The KX has been a front runner for awhile. The YZ has been the all around good performer. Take your pick.

I rode a 01 CR 250 last weekend and it has no low-end as compared to my WR. Killer top end however. If you ride the track or sand, great. Anywhere else, WR.

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