Eddy Update!

As I posted a few weeks back I installed the Edelbrock Carb on my 426, and WOW yea baby WOW what a difference!

This last weekend I took it to Mt Shasta, and spent three days riding at high alt. and the Eddy proved it WAY WAY superior to stock carb.

the adjustment for altitude by leaning up the Air fuel could be a little tricky for some one with big hands, but it worked great.

Fuel milage has decreased I am certain, so now gotta shop for a bigger tank Hopefully one with a reserve spot on the pet cock, yup Ran outta' gas 12 miles from camp and hadda wait till the zoo crew I was with could get back there and grab a gas can

I'll post more about this trip in the WTR pages, for this area. it was GREAT!

Can't reccomend the Eddy higher. it started ALWAYS and was sweet to know it would!


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