Washougal MX this w/e

Anyone going to Washougal Old Timers race this w/e?

Weather is looking good, can't wait to ride that slippery track....

I hear they changed a few sections from last year??

MXJunky would go, if he were a year older. Isn't the lower age limit 30? The Chuck Sun Jump and Leeches Lump are pushing up daisies. But that new step-up is sweet.

Anyone can ride the Old Timers MXJunky, just sign up for one of the Support Classes, open to all ages on fullsize bikes from what I understand. My 14 yo road it last year at Washougal, racing Support B Class and he just rode here at the Old Timers MX at Airway Heights a few weeks ago.

Poor kid is missing the Washougal one this time, I don't have time to take him over there and all his racing buddies are out of town or hurt.

I'll be there. Heading up tomorrow afternoon. Should be loads of fun.

MXJunky's correct; the track turns before the Chuck Sun jump so no more Chuck Sun, Catcher's Mitt or Leach's Lump and the new step-up (and over) is fun. There's also a table where the Hillsboro Hoops used to be. The track goes from the new table, into the woods, turns right and goes up to the step up, through an off-camber left-hander and a smaller step-up back towards the woods. Might want to aim left when jumping back toward the woods as I tended to be too far right, almost going off the track.

Well MXJunky'll be a monkeys uncle! You should be able to find MXJunky riding sweep in the C class then, on a WR450, #426.


Maybe I'll bring the kid and my 5hunny over and give you a run for your money on the sweep position in the C class. :thumbsup:

Does anyone have a link to the info? The new website for Washougal does not list this event that I can find.

Might want to call and make sure you can sign up for a Support class at the event. I believe the entry says pre-entry only for support (though I don't know if it's enforced).

Good point, last year I preentered the kid but not sure if it was mandatory. At the Airway Ht's race a couple weeks ago I signed him up at the race the morning of.

The entry form does say Support Classes are Pre-entry only and it was due June 29th. Oh well, guess I'll go ride sweep on the trails this weekend as usual.

Dammit Jim!

When my dad was racing the OTMX, support was just for the kids of the OT members. Has that changed?

Rob (damn, I will be eligible to be in OTMX soon!)

Must have changed because we aren't members but my son raced last year & this year Support Class.

I could join now though - woohhhoooo!!! Sometimes it's good to be old.

Yea don't just show up to expect to sign up for the support C class i'm certain it's all full now your's truely will be in it though all ready pre enter'd #90 on a WHITE yz 250 I rode there last weekend and I feel okay about it. I'm faster on my YZ 144 but it needs a top end that didn't show up this week but i've been ridding the 250 lately bout as ready as i'll ever be.

They might still have openings in the A & B support classes but don't sign up for them unless you at least intermediate level fast.

Last weekend the track got hella rough. MXJunky imagines the track'll be much better this weekend, probably not as much turnout. Bastiges.

Did you check yourself out at prontopics.com? MXJunky looks like a superstar, catching credit card air.

Well it was fun I did okay for ridding my 250 but i'm still more comfortable on my 144 I was pretty mid pack out on a full gate I could of one better on my 144 but oh well I do race support C for results i'm just there cause most of my bud's all race this race every year. Only like 1 more year and I can race 30 + this bout the only time of year I wish I was alittle older ha! but the like 10 riders in the C class should of been at least in the B class the winner of the 1st moto did get moved up.

The track was just as rough as it was last weekend but it was the same layout though. That up hill area towards that new step up with rough but I found the sweet line to the far right hand side that was smooth nobody go's here but it's alittle bit more of setup out of the corner so it can be alittle slower getting going but that smooth run up the hill pays off in the end.

What happened with the Life Flight? MXJunky hopes homeboy is okay. The MXJ-Crew said a 'Hail Mary' for the poor bastard.

Wow, that's terrible news. Hope everyone comes out okay.

6 injuries requiring ambulance rides this weekend? :thumbsup: why all the carnage??

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