Denver riding

Hey, Im in Denver for 4 months, and I need some ideas on areas to ride. Interested in trails and such. Any suggestions???


'00 DRZ E

Where is the kickstart on this thing....

You can try Rampart Range and Woodland Park but you better hurry. The snows are coming. Both are woods trail riding around the 6000 to 8500 foot range.

Rampart is easier to get to and is only about 45 mins out of Denver. Head South on Santa Fe off of C470. About 10 miles South is Sedalia. Head west at the light at the Sedalia Bar and Grill. Go about another 10 miles and you come to the entrance to Rampart (on top of a small hill). Make sure you get a map before you go. You can pick one up at the gas station in Sedaila or any cycle shop.

Woodland Park is farther south but also has some great riding.

As for tracks, Their are about 5 around denver. Watkins is east off of Jewell Ave and E470. Berthod and Miliken are North of Denver. Berthod is right off of I 25 around the 250 mile marker. Miliken is about 2 miles further north and you have to go east. Don't know the exact directions. Thunder Valley is off of C470. Get off at Morrison Rd and take the frontage road North. There is also a track in Erie.

There is a Hare Scramble up at Berthod this Sunday.

Mountain riding is probably done for the season. You may be able to do Idaho Springs.

Hope that helps.


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(Except the dampner :))

Thanks... see ya on the trails


'00 DRZ E

Where is the kickstart on this thing....

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