Husky fans, please welcome 7602 Racing to the fold

Husky fans, the Clay Hamilton of 7602 Racing have decided to show their support by advertising in this section of the site.:thumbsup: You can find a link to thier site at: Check out what they have to offer went you get a second.

Support those that support you whenever possible. Welcome aboard Clay! :thumbsup:

Cool carb filer, I'll get one or 2 of those. :thumbsup:

A company with a good sense of humor as well, check out the Testimonials. :thumbsup:

A company with a good sense of humor as well, check out the Testimonials. :cheers:

best testimonials on the net!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

I'm interested in one of these as well..... looks very easy to use... Glad to see another vendor making parts for Husky


Nice job, those testimonials are a good laugh.......... poor grandma.

I sure do miss her tomales.

Now I'm hungry!

Welcome 7602. :thumbsup:

There is a picture of a Husky on the home page - but other than that can't these products be used on many other bikes?

7602 Racing Rocks! We have them on our Baja TC 510 now. Steny:ride: A picture in our photo section of the web site too.

Very cool! :thumbsup:


Just letting you guys know,

I have been talking with Clay here lately alot, and he is one of the coolest and nicest people you will meet. He seems very passionate about working on products strictly for Husqvarna's, which seems to be an oddity. One thing that is in the works at the moment is a new or revised compression release lever. I had told him that many of my KTM friends have busted them off and I thought it was a good idea to produce a billet aluminum lever or something to help protect the cheap plastic lever. I believe 7602 is currently testing some type of cover or something to help protect that small plastic lever. Just thought I would let you know what else is in the works as far as Husqvarna parts go. Be sure to visit the website and help them out, as they are one of the few companies helping us Husqvarna riders out. Thanks 7602 and Clay!!!


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