DRZ-250 fork oil change

Can you change or reduce the fork oil quantity without removing the forks? I want to reduce the quantity as the previous owner added quite a bit of heavier oil to firm up the action. Now they work great for the first bit (3-4") but get too stiff as they compress at least for my weight.

I believe you can, all you'd really need to do is use a syringe with a long tube on the end to suck out the fluid. Since you're taking it apart, though, you might as well just replace all the fluid and put the proper amount in. You could do that with the syringe, but it'd probably be faster to just take the fork legs off and dump it out.

hope that helps.

I don't think it would be much easier to find out a way to do it without... You could just try loosening the compression, and if That's not loose enough, you should take some oil out. The technique to using stiff suspension is to go fast. Keep getting practice, and go faster. You can have more fun and not have to worry about changing the oil.

Put the bike on a stand. Remove the fork caps. Tilt the bike forward to compress the forks (the springs and caps will extend upward (you may have to remove the handlebars to allow this). Once the forks are compressed you want 3" (if memory serves me correctly) between the top of the fork opening and the oil level. I would suggest using a plastic tube to extract the excess oil. This is definitely a two person job.

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