2006 CRF250R, a few questions.


As the title says I need some help with a few things on my bike first off i just reapacked the mufflers (first time since new) everything went fine I packed heaps into em, but when I started it up and took it for a ride it sounded louder than before, isn't repacking em meant to keep em quiet ?? Could I have done something wrong ?

Also my bike is coming up on 50hrs from new I was wondering at what time intervals I should do major service items, mainly piston and rings ? I change engine and trans oil and oil filter every 10 hrs, I'm a mid to front of the pack C-grader I race almost every weekend and sometimes practice during the week (just for a little info on the life its had).

Any help on both subjects would be greatly appreciated

How tightly did you repack? You need to wrap the packing sheet very tightly to the muffler. I used wire ties to hold it even tighter.

As for the maintenance, 10 hours seems a bit high for how you use your bike. I think that would be more acceptable for the weekend rider, not a racer. You may also be approaching a piston and ring change.

Cheers for the reply mate, I used 3 packs of packing and packed it in pretty hard using a flat head screwdriver. Dunno......I might pull the end caps off again and try to force another sheet of packing in there.

I am starting to agree with the oil changes I'm beginning to think oil every 5 and filter every 10 hrs would be better. This be OK you think ?

As for the piston and rings I was planning just to do rings and then change piston and rings at the end of the season.

I haven't packed many mufflers in my time but don't you need to take the entire thing apart and actually wrap it around the inner pipe? Then slide the inner pipe (with packing) into the exhaust shell. By the sound of it, you litterally PACKED it in through the end cap...is that accurate?

Did you follow the manual when you did it?

I do engine side every 5 hours and tranny every 7-8 hours. I change the oil filter every 2 oil dumps (or every 10 hours). I think I'm a bit excessive as I don't race or even ride hard that often.

Sounds like you have it under control. Have you greased your linkage? That should be done about once a year (or more).

with that many hrs on the piston, it is a good idea to replace it... If you measure it, I bet you will find the worn part of the skirt is really close to or below the service limit... Once the skirt wears too much you now have excess space which creates piston slap, too much of that and your piston will break...

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