I messed up, I didnt bring the bike,I am in SF for work this week, fly home for weekend then, back to SF the following thurs, fri and sat, then back to portland for sunday, monday then to Reno tuesday, and back to SF wednesday, thursday again.

I should try and drive down next week as I have appointments in southern oregon earlier in the week. and ride on sunday. I dont know if this will work or not, one of main problems is what to do with bike and trailer when in SF. Work will have me down in your area quite a bit, I dont know if this will work but will let you know. I have to ride down here sometime as I keep hearing about all the great places to ride.

Oat meal you can kept your bike at my house or my work I have lots of room at home or the shop.Call me 707-446-4066 work.We are puting a ride on for this weekend 10-29-00 sunday.


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