2002 Yz85

Well, i picked up a 2002 yz85 a few weeks ago to use it as a play bike... Rode it a few times and i am starting to make a shopping cart for it, any recommended parts? What were the cons of these bikes? If you owned one what problems have you had? Any free mods you would recommend?

I'll probably try and find a mini class to race it in....


Well, I'll give this another shot. Bump.

advance the flux capacitor two degress that will free up a couple horses or so. no jk but really get the suspension revalved for your weight new boyessen reeds possibly get the squish clearance set. then after that you should be set i would just do cosmetic stuff after that new plastics and graphics black tank and do some polishing on the brake lever,kickstarter,clutch cover and the swingarm.


get it looking shiny like this

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