07 Head and Swingarm bearing size

I'm, looking for the easiest way to determine the size and type of bearing remover for the head and swingarm bearings. im taking apart the bike to have the frame and swingarm powder coated black. any help would be awesome but if not i will take it down to the local scam artists (the dealership) and have them do it .:thumbsup:

Are you wanting to reuse the bearings? If not, just drive them out from the other side. Sometimes the steering head bearings' race is hard to get behind, so you could try a heat gun (not a torch) to warm up the steering head. Often, they will just fall out when heated. Another trick I have seen is spot weld the inside of each race. It draws the bearing inward and they come out. Sometimes auto parts stores rent bearing pullers that have several sizes to choose from. Just find the one that fits.

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