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Hey guys! I've been doing some research on pitbikes for the last few weeks and this seems like a great site. My son wants to sell his ATV and get a minibike and he's got me thinking about doing the same. So I intend to hang around here and learn a little about the different bikes (Japan and China) available.

Welcome!!!You will find a ton of info here.Good luck with the purchase,check older threads here there are a bunch that involve getting a new pitbike...

Welcome. If you're a decent "wrench" (you dont' have to be a full fledged mechanic), you won't go to far wrong with any pitbike really. Just make sure the quality is good on them, and as mentioned, the older threads help alot. Personally, a bare minimum is inverted forks. One thing alot of people do is post up a pic or link to a potential bike they're going to buy and the members will rate it/give their opinion about quality etc...

best of luck!


Welcome to TT and to Pitbikes

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