Seek & you shall find!

And here it is... ThumperTalk!! Everything I needed to know and share is right here at this web page.. Top effort, and obviously a lot of good contributers! I already have some answers to questions just from 5 minutes worth of browsing. Good also to see some other Aussie contribution here as well.

There is also a yzwr400 discussion group at the following url:

Theres a shitlaod of WR400's around the trails of Oz and obviously for a good reason... they are the best! :)

Cheers and happy wheelies.. Im off to the 500cc GrandPrix @ Phillip Island

Curtis. :D

"A trip to the bush and fuel..$20"

"New 'NoFear' Nylon Pants.....$250"

"4th gear wheelies on your WR400F tearing along the trails!.... priceless."

Forgetting to bring your fuel and gear, a complete pain in the arse! :)

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