Anyone getting an 08?

I plan on getting one. Dealer says they will be in late aug or early sept. I will put a holding deposit on one. He had a few 07's on the floor but he convinced me that the clutch upgrade and neutral correction alone are worth the wait for the 08. I was really debating between the yz250f and rmz. I sat on both and I just felt more at home on the rmz, and I think it looks a little better as well. I'm glad it's not fuel injected, I don't want a first year of anything major. So, anyone getting an 08 rmz250?

i may dpends on how much better it really is

I dont see enough updates on the 08 to make it worth upgrading, unless you have worn out the 07, mine has done less than 20 hours so i will be doing something unusual for me and keeping it for another year.

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