Pressure Washer Question

How much pressure is enough?

I am looking at purchasing an electric PW that puts out 1750 psi and has a built in detergent tank. Will this be enough to do a good job on my bikes or do I need to step up to the really high power units.

PS yes I know not to blast my bearings, gaskets, graphics etc....

More important than the PSI is the GPM the unit puts out. The one your looking at should be fine for washing off bikes and stuff.

^^^hes pretty much right

those elec seem kinda chumpy to me... i got a 6 horse... it does a great job :thumbsup:

those elec seem kinda chumpy to me... i got a 6 horse... it does a great job :thumbsup:

For washing a bike a 6hp is just plain overkill. The electric jobbies are cheap and do just fine for washing a bike. Stripping paint on the house is a no go, but mud and dirt on a bike is fine.

Thanks guys that was just the push I needed. This one fits my budget, requires pretty much no maintainance, and will be used exclusively for washing the family's fleet of dirtbikes.

Those high horsepower washers are tempting but I don't need another engine to maintain and I don't want the noise of a gas engine.

ive got an electric one and it works fine. only thing i dont like is with the built in cleaner thing. it sprays like 100% cleaner and no water haah that can be adjusted some how though. good luck with it

Like the others said that is lots off presure. You don't want a lot for washing your bike it will ruin the bearings. I have a electric one and it works great for cars or bikes.

Can you just go for it or do you need to be careful where you spay. Like around the carb etc.


You can spray about anywhere if you cover the air filter with a baggie or something. Since you will spray mostly where the bike is dirty and most carb areas don't get that dirty (dusty maybe) you won't spray much there anyway.

I like to spray WD40 over all water sensitive areas to help disperse the water. I also do my entire engine with WD40. It helps with clean up the next time. A little spray on tire gel on the plastic shines the bike up good. DON"T do anything to your seat that will make it slippery or shiney! :thumbsup:

+1 with an electric washer. I got a really cheap, closeout pressure washer from home depot. I didn't really expect much from it, but it has worked really well. It's a 1750 psi unit, very light & portable. It blasts the dirt & grime away. I am careful around the chain & hoses, but let it go everywhere else. A more powerful unit might cause damage to something. This size is perfect for light cleanups like a bike. :thumbsup:


I went with a gas because I wanted the extra oomph when powerwashing the second story of my house and for powerwashing our deck at home and up north.

I tried out my neighbors Electric Husky 1750 from Home Depot before buying Gas. It worked very well for a electric model. It would do the deck and house, but took significantly longer. For washing bikes it is perfect. If I had extra cash lying around, I would also buy the electric for washing bikes.

Im running gas with 6.5 horsepower and 2350 psi.. . i think

any who... ive never used more than the mid setting.

i don't like my eletric pressure washer. it gets alot of water via the gardern hose but hardly spits any of it out. its rated 1800, but isn't anywhere near that. NYMXer's post was spot on.

13 hp gas washer, the thing is an animal, lots of kick.

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