Kick Stand update!

First I showed up in these parts I started a ruckus asking if it was a good Idea to put on a kick stand, on my 426.

the long of the short turned out that I did put one on, and broke it off the first day!

Shopping for it I was drawn to the pro billet for the sheer Coolness of it and was ready to arder it when the fine print caught my eye.

"PMB says their stand is made to hold the bike upright, and is not designed to support the bike and rider."

whereas the Trail tech says

"Go ahead - stand on the bike and kick it. Trail Tech kickstands are guaranteed to hold up to the riders weight.

Will not interfere with the riders boots. Will not fall down or bounce.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are not satisfied with our kickstand, return it for a full refund."

Nuh Uhh! as I said broke the first one first day, I am only 5'8" and on this bike like the extra leverage, so making the TT choice was seemingly the correct one. They not so quickly replaced the broken parts for me and I gave it another chance!

Well riding all weekend with a bungee across my seat holding the thing up cuzza the spring coming off twice was my punishment.

when a handee tree waz unavailable unstrapping the bungee was no big deal, but STILL NOT RIGHT!!

Kick stand is needless to say hitting the scrap pile in the next few hours.

I'll still put on the PMB and look for a log or curb when I need the extra leverage.


I got grief last weekend for not having a kick stand. My brother on his wr450 and my cousin on his 250x both have stands and loved to watch me just stand there with my bike and ask "triangle please....can you get my stand please..............guys?"

They'd grab a beer and watch me push it across the site to lean it on a tree.

good times :thumbsup:

Ya, I would have done the same thing they did, laugh my ass off and :thumbsup: only because I put a PMB on my 450.

the PMB i put on my YZ450 is the greatest thing ever. you can have it down and stand on the bike and kick and stays out of the way when up. kind of expensive but worth every cent. it even held the bike up in some hard sand.

the PMB i put on my YZ450 is the greatest thing ever. you can have it down and stand on the bike and kick and stays out of the way when up. kind of expensive but worth every cent. it even held the bike up in some hard sand.

Amen to that... I love my pmb.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

PMB on the list, along w 3.9 gallon tank, petcock with reserve, scotts steering dampner, baja designs enduro kit, electronic speedo thingy, , , ,

instead of scrap pile trail tech is refunding the price, through the guys in oregon I bought it from and applying it towards the PMB.

I want to invent a skidplate, that drops down to be a stand, oh yea it has to weigh a pound or less,,, Hmmmmm.


I had a PMB one on my 450 for 3 1/2 years and one on my 250 now for almost 2 years, I always leave it down when I first kick it over at the truck and neither one has broke off or even loosened up a bit. Its one of those products I have never had to worry about and IMO if you never have issues with it and don't have to think about it, then its a good product.

my 426 is my first mx bike in years, drives me crazy not having a stand

I have the PMB on my 450 and I stand on it to kick it never any sign of failure..

Or you can fab up custom mounts and weld them on to the frame and use the OEM WR kickstand, that's what I did. :thumbsup:


Here is a paste from the e-mail I bought the Kick Stand from,,,,,,,

Well Bob , Here are the pics of the second broken stand, and the added BONUS i got from it!

It was clear the stand was broke, breaking, cuz the spring fell off, but I still used it using a bungee to hold it up and it was pretty usefull, but,, oddly enough just less than 30 minutes before you called, me and a buddy of mine working on another bike in the shop were surprised by the sudden DROP of the 426. The TT stand gave up the ghost, the last remaining scrap of strength gave away and it tumbled. No biggy stand it up grab a triangle, back where I started, not really. Leaving the shop a couple hours later noticed a spot of oil, no time to check it out,, returning to the shop tonight, after a full 24 hours, quite the oil slick under the bike.

Nice, broken oil case where the shift lever hit it when it fell.

Live and learn, I am sure the TT stand is pretty good, but after causing damage to my chain, now my oil case, and failing to live up to its claims as well, I am SOOOO NOT a fan.

Here are the pics do with them what you will, I know TT nor you is liable for the subsequent damages the failure created, not my suggestion in the least, just when you happen across a post by me at Thumper Talk or somewhere you may not appreciate my sentiments about the stand without the knowledge of the aforementioned events.

Rightfuly I ought not have used the stand after realizing it was fractured, and I realize it was this lapse in judgement that in fact led to the demise of my scooters case. (me weeping just a little)

Later Tater!

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