Loud Exhaust

Hey guys,

I got Big Gun Race exhaust, and i find it too loud for me.

Thinking to downgrade to something quieter.

Looking for advice on my options at this point.


Stock is quietest.

FMF Q2 is also pretty quiet. :thumbsup:

Yup Q2:thumbsup:

Thanks, i will look into Q2.

Is there a way to make my pipe at least a bit quiter?

I don't think i have any inserts or anything like that in it.

Check if they make a quiet core for it. I run the FMF powercore IV. I use the quiet core when im around town or neighborhoods then I pull it out when Im in the mountains 50mi from anyone. It allows you to keep the open flowing exhaust for when you need it. I can't speak for a stock motor, but the Q2 killed the power on my 440.

Big gun pipes are far to loud for me....My mate had one on his DRZ...Man I thought the RS-3 yoshi was loud..I have seen the Q2 but the hole is to small for me and you can't make it any bigger it cuts power down alot

Regarding the noise on your bike...You can buy a DB DWAG which is meant to reduce noise levels (Although I have never tried one)

If I were you I would purchase a Leo vince. It comes with 3 inserts to reduce noise level and is fully road legal...Will not produce as much power as a yoshi or akro but it aint miles behind...Hope this helps...

you can get votec insert form big gun. also repack will help if its got some hours on it.

what about just packing the inner sleeve with rock fibre insulation?

Hey guys,

I got Big Gun Race exhaust, and i find it too loud for me.

Thinking to downgrade to something quieter.

Looking for advice on my options at this point.



Got any comment on this one????

HappyRiding !!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

If you want quiet...DON"T get an FMF Ti-4.:thumbsup:

I ran into a guy at the Parry Sound Sport bike festival who had a full Yosh set-up and my bike (without the quiet core insert) blew his away.

It's stinkin' loud!

IMHO the hindle's aren't nearly as well made. That's why they are cheaper.

You get what you paid for.:thumbsup:

I'm just about to replace my stock header with the FMF powerbomb header and connect to the existing Q muffler.

I'm noise conscious but want a bit more exhaust tone and power over stock so this combo seems right for me.

If you download the FMF catalogue, it explains all the combo's/applications etc.


It would seem the "Powerpack" package is aimed at the noise conscious rider, consisting of Powerbomb header, Q2 muffler and jetting kit

If you are selling it, let me know. Myself or my fiend might be interested in buying it.


I just read in trans world that the DB Dawg turned their bike into a real dog!!!

Hi rouge, :thumbsup:

Here's what a Vortec insert to quiet down the Big Gun looks like. It's $49.


I copied the idea and made my own insert out of some scrap tubing to fit a drilled end cap on a gutted stock muffler...


You might try experimenting making your own insert out of metal scraps, as the cost is practically nothing if you have a small welder.

Take Care,


I have a Big Gun race system, and I think it's kinda loud too. My neighbor says he thinks it gotten louder since I bought it, so I think it needs repacking.

He also said it sounds cool, so I guess I live in the right neighborhood. :thumbsup:

My bother just bought a 2000 S for his first bike. It's got a yosh system ( not sure what model, just says OFF ROAD) on it. I think it sounds good, but not overly loud like my BG. just my 2 cents.

:thumbsup: safe,


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