Stalling after 60 miles and Fuel Valve question

I have a real weird problem with something in my fule system.

When I ride with a full tank with less than 60 miles used everything is fine.

After that the bike on Highways and once on a trail at 30 mph just stalls and dies.

After I pull over it is like there is no fuel, even if I leave it on reserve. After about 1 minute I am able to start the bike again and it will go for a few minutes and die again. Electrical is ok it seems since lights are still on.

After I fill up tank then everything is ok again.

My next question is I want to remove the fuel valve from the tank to blow it out with air, but I still have about 2/3 gas in it. Can I turn the tank upside down and then remove it without leaking the gas out (will the stock fuel cap really hold?).

After that I plan on cleaning the carb. Any other thoughts on this weird issue?



The stock fuel cap won't hold gas - at least mine doesn't. I've been having trouble with my petcock not shutting off and have had occasion to take the tank off a couple times to add new stuff. Had to drain the entire tank each time. Its not too bad - I spill a couple of ounces of gas each time before I can get my drain hose on. I think I'll break down and get Jesse's petcock.

I'd have to say you have a problem with tank venting as in the fule cap is plugged and not allowing air into the tank and the engine ends up starving for fuel once the vacuum is too high in the tank to draw fuel from. Be a bit more specific on your it a Cali. model for example? Don't know much about them but I know there's a charcoal cannister that the tank is supposed to vent to and that circuit probably has problems. Just try riding with the cap loose to see if the problem goes away.

Search on california and canister.

I always look at the posters state when I read these posts, always cal. I think it has to do with overfilling which wets the canister and doesn't let it breath. Next time it's dead listen as you crack the gas cap, should be a big sucking sound

sounds like a classic case of pinched or plugged vent tube. time it happens open the fuel cap and see if that fixes the issue...if not take look at the petcock, they need a vaccum to open the diaphram and allow fuel to flow...either way don't worry too much it's bound to be simple.

Thanks for all the replies.

I went to the dealer in desperation and to pick up the O ring (San Mateo Suzuki). Those guys are awesome. Told me to save me money and clear out the charcoal "box of hell".

Couldn't quite open it, so I ended up "temporarily" removing the whole unit and will see if the problem finally goes away (I of course plugged the purge tube to the carb). I think I will also "temporarily" remove the spill joint and change the vent to below the seat per some posts here.

Now that I think of it, when this first happened I was stumped so did open the tank lid to check fuel and then it ran fine down the twisties after that.


P.S. This is a fun bike to work on since it is so simple. After I rebuilt the crankcase a few weeks ago everything else seems easy :thumbsup: . Of course that is after I get my confidence boost from tips here! :thumbsup:


Had the exact same problem with my 04 CA. Removed the vapor system (do a search on the DR Forum for directions) and vented the tank to see if that was the problem, and it was. Of course I will replace the vapor system sometime in the future as I don't want to be in violation of the smog regs.:thumbsup:

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