What truck for me?

My dad and I are looking for a truck. We are tired of always borrowing one to haul bikes around and whenever we need to haul dirt or bricks, it's a real pain to ask to borrow one. We never know when we will need a truck, so we have decided to get one. We probably will never tow anything with a trailer, just haul stuff in the bed.

I will be driving it most as a daily driver. During school I drive around 60 miles a day to/from school and 50 of those miles are highway. Currently, I drive a 3.1L V6 Chevy Malibu and that gets around 17 mpg in city and 21 mpg on highway, so I am used to those numbers. I need opinions on which truck would be best for me and my dad's needs.

Here are the three trucks we have been looking into.

1) 2000 GMC Sierra Z71 4x4...$12K (Dealer)

5.3L V8, auto, Z71, electronic 4WD, reg cab, 68.5K miles

*will need tires and bed liner

2) 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4...$9.5K (Private seller)

5.8L V8, auto, manual 4WD, extended cab, bed liner, 72K miles

*will need tires, one rim, new driver side window, seller says it will need a tune up which he will pay for

3) 2004 GMC Sierra 4x4...$13K (Dealer)

4.3L V6, auto, electronic 4WD, reg cab, 60K miles

*will need nothing

My dad and I have only driven the 2000 Sierra and really liked it. The 5.3L V8 was a strong motor. We will be driving the other trucks soon.

My dad and I want a reliable, decent fuel economy, and overall good truck. Out of the three trucks listed above what truck, in your opinion, will be best for my dad and me?

GMC!, put a set off mud terrain(Toyo M/T) tires on it and you will have one bad ass truck

I've heard nothing but bad things about the Ram 1/2 tons

I have an 07 GMC sierra classic work truck and i love it..

> gets 21mpg highway, although i only have the 4.3L V6 (it loves 70mph for cruising)

> fits a bike nice (i have the short bed and just have to cock the back of the bike sideways)

> very comfortable seating and interior lay out

> comes stock with AC, Cruise, Heat , CD (i put 12in Kickers comp VX behind the seats to get the BASS)

I would asy if you have the money to get a truck like mine (there like 17,000.. i got lucky my father was nice enough to pay half)

An S10 wouldn't be too bad of a truck either, good MPGs , room for a bike, and a good daily driver, plus the used ones usually go for pretty cheap

Get a ford f150

You know ford circled the problem and high lighted it in blue:busted:

kidding aside 2 of my friends had F150s and they kept breaking, it was always minor stuff. but no one wants to buy a truck and keep fixing them..

If i got a FORD it would only be a ranger.. fords cheapest truck is their most reliable

I say go for number 1.

If you have to put tires on it put some Bridgestone Duellers.

Get a ford f150

I'm not really a Ford fan. My uncle has a F-150 and it's constantly in the shop.

if you arent going to tow anything get a jap truck i had an 04 tacoma 2wd reg cab with a 2.4 4 cyl i got 26 mpg and that thing had some power i put 3 250f all gear tools everything and did a 2 hour drive with it. If you want something with more power i would go with a 1500 every company makes a good truck every company has a few of those people that had "everything break" but if you arent going to do anything seriouse a jap truck would be perfect

Dont get a toyota. Either one of the General Motors trucks is a good choice.

I just bought a brand new F150 with 8ft. bed, A/C, CD, Auto, Tow pkg, sliding rear window, for 17.5k on the road. You will get close to 20mpg on hiway. I am averaging about 17. My son and I just got back from a 4 day camping/ riding trip and the truck was great. Did everything we needed it to do. Don't know what your budget is but for the money this truck cant be beat. I had an F150 before and it was the best vehicle I ever owned. I looked at many used trucks and they were nearly as much as this. Now I have a brand new truck with a warranty. Good luck, Guy

How many miles can a GMC/Chevy Sierra/Silverado last with proper routine maintanence?

If you take good care of them and don't romp on them a whole lot easily 200,000.. i've seen a few with 400,000 but most were shot at that point but ran (one of them looked almost brand new but i never got to drive it)

My dads truck is an 05 Chevy Silverado Z71 extended cab, short bed 327ci and it has 140,000 miles and runs and drives like new... the only thing hes taken it in for is oil changes (actually i do it for him) and to have the doors adjusted...

He is a very cautios driver too but he is a farmer so it does get abused.. during harvest he will hook up two 35,000lbs wagons and pull them to the elevator (the 327 doesn't like that much weight, but it does it)

Dodge Dakota is a great truck

I would say one of the GMC's, but between the GMC's go for #3. for 1k more you a 4 year newer truck and 8.5k less miles. they are both 4x4 and regular cab and autos. You will get better fuel economy out of the V6, but not as much power. if your only going to be hauling stuff around then that should be plenty. I got a 3.3l V6 nissan frontier and i take my truck everywhere, except the sand, it likes to get stuck there. I have made 2 300 mile trips with 2 bikes and all camping stuff and havent had any problems. the V6 is a good motor for what you will be doing. but that is just my .02.

Any dodge/ford/gm half ton would be good. If you aren't pulling anything really heavy, they should all hold up.:thumbsup:

F150. My uncle had one for years and has not had any trouble at all, just keep up the maintenance! I bought one a few months ago and it's a great truck.


thats my 04 it has 251,000 miles on it :thumbsup: if you are going to get a ful size go with a Chevy or GMC

but that is just my thought

i have done basic upkeep to my truck oil tranny oil change belts a truck will last a very long time as long as you take proper care of it.

I think my dad and I might me going with the Dodge just because we can get it for a very good price (less than what I posted in my first post).

I think my dad and I might me going with the Dodge just because we can get it for a very good price (less than what I posted in my first post).


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