Colorado Mountain ride?

A while back I saw a show where some bikers were clearing a trail in the spring for a long organized ride through the mountains that takes place every year.

They carried chain saws and stuff to clear winters work and it looked like fun just preparing the trail for it. It did look a little cold yet though!

The group started as a few friends and has grown yearly.

Anyone know anything about this?

The only one I know of that is long is the Colorado 500 (or is it the Colorado 300). I know it runs through the best parts of CO. I think it is by invite only. I'm not sure if that is what you are talking about though.


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There are lots of organized trail projects here in Coloraod. Check out Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Association - Jim @ 303-321-1266.

They are sponsoring at least five different projects this spring. I'd like to get to a couple of fun one this year. Rainbow Trail 100+ mile effort (may be the last year for OHV access thanks to uncle Bill :)) There was another one in early summer in Steamboat Springs with the Route County Trailriders Association. This one is supposed to be a real blast! And, all participants get invited to the Route County Enduo (invite only!) :D

Love to have you join us. It's not really that much work in the spring - just cutting logs and such. The re-construction projects are usually later in the summer.


It's either the Rainbow Trail 100+ mile effort or the Colorado 500. Can't remember if it was invite only.


The Colorado 500 is the invite only ride from Carbondale to Durrango, I think. All the notable in the industry are there. Great place to rub handle bars with the big guys in the industry. It's a large to do, so they may have a work party to clear and map trails. I'll bet if you help, you get invited. I read the guy's web site a while ago. If I can find it, I'll post it here.

The Colorado 300 is the really good one to get invited to. It's held in the Durango area too. It's usually put on by an Apparel or gear company like Thor or Moose. I hear you get a competely new outfit every day and a pair of boots for the week. They invite dealers & staff only. I'll see if I can dig something up here.

In looking up more trail efforts I saw the Colorado Lottery sponsors these events too. Funny thing is only one one of the many they offer is for OHV. How politically correct!

It's in Colo Springs on June 13th. They are working on the Eagle Rock trail system (?) off the Gold Camp Road (?). Call 719-488-3288 for more info.


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