Bike is not starting

I blew a tire not to long ago maybe 7 day ago and just put the new tire back on and i went to start it but it isn't starting. it turns over and such but after couple seconds it sounds like it wants to go but then this pufff noise and back to trying to start whats up with at lol anyone had that problem??

did you leave your gass on ?

Can you turn the fuel off on an S? Can't on my SM.


just remove the vacume hose and plug it with a scrue or galf "T"

I just left it didn't touch anything, figured it would start right back up only a week thing started up after months through the winter

Spray some starter fluid in the carb, try to start it, and then report back. Its the quickest way to diagnose many problems. :thumbsup:

well after killing the battery trying to start it i said ahh the heck with it, I tried twice bump starting it and she turn on beautifully lol

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