Remanufactured/Reconditioned Motors

Funny, I just commented on the 'How many miles will a ranger get' thread....

So my ranger is in pretty good shape, little to no rust low miles clutch and low miles rear end, everything great except the engine is knocking and seems to be getting tired. I've been told it could either be injectors or valves but either way I don't think it'd be wise to put $500+ into a motor with 181k miles on it. So as this truck has everything i want in a truck plus decent milage so I thought I'd just look into a new motor instead of a new/used truck. I only paid 2300 for the truck a couple years ago so I thought a new motor would be 12,000 installed and i'd still be in decent shape money invested wise.

Well long story short it appears for a motor like whats in it (4L V6) is running $2k ?!? now i don't need much, i have a new starter on it, good working ac, power steering pump works good, i just need the motor and whatever isn't transferable...what the hell...

anyone got any good sites for me?

rebuild your own motor... most of the companys rebuilding large amounts of engines cut corners to save time and money, their engines are lucky to run 50-75,000 miles.

5 star is probably the worst... I've seen a few of their rebuilds with sleeves in them.

Either rebuild the one you have yourself, or find a good shop to do it for ya, I'd avoid the mass produced reman engines.

Yeah, stay away from the "remanufactured" engines. For example, when they are rebuilding a motor that has broke a ring and the cylinder wall has been scarred they will simply bore that cylinder .030" over and only replace that piston. They only fix what Is broke and they do a poor job of it so you'll be much better off rebuilding the motor that you have.

cool, thanks guys.

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