I have about 400 mile of off road riding on my 00 WR and the suspesion seems very stiff the front more than the back. Any suggestions on what to do I already have the compression damping as soft as it will go on the front and still playing with the back end. I know revalving would be one option but what about the oil or oil level? Thanks Chris

How much do you weigh? You may have to respring. I'm 160lbs and Race Tech said (read insisted) I should put a .42 rated spring in.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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I'm about 185 and 5'11


I don't agree.

I rode my buddy's 2000 YZ426 side by side. His bike is significantly stiffer all around, especially up front. There was not doubt his bike was a little faster around a little circuit without much jumps. His bike was faster not because of any power advantage, I didn't feel there was any difference here. It was because of the suspension.

I immediately went into the garage and stiffened up my front end a couple notches and lowered my forks 10mm in the triple clamp. I hope that helps my bike.


By lowering the oil level, your initial ride should be more supple and it will stroke through the travel easier with less bottoming resistance. Have you changed the oil yet? I am looking at PJ1 2.5 weight for me. I am not a defensive end like the rest of these football players. I weigh 168# right out of the shower. I know our forks use the Kayaba stuff, KYB 02 I think, but my local dealer isn't sure of the weight. From what I understand, the valving stack is the same as the YZ except Yamaha stuck in lighter springs. This in itself would throw off the forks. Common sense says go to the lightest oil and screw with the compression clickers. If this doesn't work, it's "Factory Connection" time. If you do decide to lower the oil level, be sure you measure and record your initial fork oil level. This way you can always go back.



Myself and two other guys on this board have been very happy with the service from A-Loop. Drop Neal an e-mail and tell him you got his name from ThumperTalk - Bryan Hulse. He's the guy in the MSR jacket on their home page (nice picture Neal :)) He is one of the best suspension guys in the business. He's done Steve Hatch's bike for years.

Get ready for an in-depth discussion about your weight, gear, riding style and conditions!

It's the best money you can spend for better handling. Whether you are headed towards MX or Enduro, Yamaha just picked something in the middle.


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