XR650 best setup DJ or "Dave's" mods??

Any advice/experience?

My bike came with the DJ kit installed with the snorkel out/smog pump off.

It is currently wearing a Supertrapp isd2 with 8 discs.

Seems to run great.

I have read much about the "Dave's mods

55s/158/slide drilled 5.32 and stock needle shimmed 30 thou.

Any input as to what runs better/stronger/cleaner?

Not concerned with mileage...just clean sharp performance.

The carb is a bit of a PITA to re/re so would lik to lean on some proven setup exprience from others.

Bike and both setups been around quite a while?



You can prolly see from m sig but I am @ sea level.

Running a K&N filter in the stock box with the snorkel out.


either works,but dont mix the set ups.

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