Quick Plastics Question

Will 2005 CRF450 Rad Shrouds (or maybe 2004 CRF250 Shrouds) fit on my 2003 CRF450?

I want to get some new plastics and a graphics kit that is from a 2005 but I know the shrouds are split differently, along with the frame being larger on the 2003.

Any ideas if it will for or maybe something simple where I can make it fit?

no----only 02-03-04

Thanks unfortunately my bike is getting old already. Its getting harder and harder to find graphics that will work for it! Theres One Industries Alpha, MotoXXX, and a few others I dont really like, XGX and moto mulisha.

The bike used to look like this...


but its kind of worn and torn now. I need something new but I'm sure I'll find something.

Throttle Jockey still has graphics for those years.

02-07 CR250 graphics also fit.

I put 06 cr250 throttle jockey graphics on my 02 crf450 and they look great. They fit good with minor cutting and make the bike look alot newer. I still would like to have the look of an 05 crf 450 but I dont know if a conversion is that do able.

No I think once you were done doing the conversion you might as well just sell your bike, buy a new one, and eat the difference.

Are you sure that the CR250 graphics will fit?

Well they fit on my 02 so yes they will fit if you have some time and know how to use a razor knife to trim the graphics in a few areas. You may not be able to get them to fit if you are one of those people that throw graphics on with bubbles everywhere.

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