distanzias in the dirt...rock on!!!

I've had distanzias on my drz for a couple of months now and haven't been in the dirt since. the other day i said 'screw it' and aired them down. i had rim locks put on when i got them....let me tell you they rock!

i rode around in dirt, light sand, brush, full sand...had no issues. you can feel the difference between knobs, but the distanzias did really good.

makes me kick myself for not trying it sooner than i did...:thumbsup:

just my two cents if'n anyone is thinking about getting them. rim lock front and back...air down and let it fly!:thumbsup:

What are Distanzias, trials tires?

On the right side of the picture :thumbsup:


...okay so they are good on dirt. they sucked in the mud, as to be expected with a shallow knob. i went thru a mud whole, came out then the front tire washed out 'cuz it was loaded with mud.

...that's gonna leave a mark:bonk:

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