Another satisfied customer

Another satisfied customer - NOT!

I'm 0 for 3 for dealer satisfaction when taking in my WR400 to three different places here in Denver.

I got my WR400 back about 1 week ago from a dealership here in Denver. They replaced my head gasket and while they were in there, I had them replace my rings.

On Wednesday night, the weather was finally good enough to go for a ride. My goal was to just ride on the road and a dirt road for about 1 hour at a moderate to light pace to get the new rings seated.

During the ride the bike ran great. But, it didn't have it's usual snap to it. It's mid range seemed just a little week and it just didn't seem all that fast. When I got done riding, after deciding that it was a pooch, I figured either the rings need to seat properly before I get the power back, or maybe I was just feeling the effects of Denvers altitude after riding it last time about 2500 feet lower. Most of my riding was not even near full throttle but I did do about a half dozen or more full throttle bursts at the recommendation of the dealer. I was a little bummed about the whole thing.

Then Wednesday night at about 02:00 am (Milkman will appreciate this), I woke up with a revalation: What if those BOZO'S at the dealership put my timing back to WR timing? When I gave them the bike, I specifically told them it was YZ timed and they wrote it down on the service order.

So, last night I opened her all back up. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 teeth between the marks on the cams! Their should be 12 for YZ timing! They DID put me back to WR timing! And to make things worse, one of the intake cam cap bolts was WAY under torqued! I'll bet they didn't even use a torque wrench!

So, it sort of preturbes me once again that I have to check the dealerships work when getting my bike back.

However, this did teach me another important lesson about jetting. My jetting was for the YZ. So, why didn't I immediately foul a plug since I'm so rich with WR timing?

The YZ pilot and main (48, 175) is a lot richer than the WR pilot and main (42,165) at my altitude (6500 feet). But, the YZ needle is leaner than the WR needle. I wasn't using the stock YZ needle but rather the DVP which is actually in between the YZ needle (DVR) and WR needle (DTM) for a 1999 WR. So, this shows that when cruizing around at 30 to 55 mph at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, you don't use your main or pilot. I'll bet if I had been decending at a higher altitude with that pilot, I'd foul a plug for sure.

I'm back on track now though.



I have said it before, and I'll say it again...Bike Shop BOZO's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR BEST MECHANIC.

I sucked something into my cylinder (either through my air filter, or something in my oil???) and scored the cylinder wall. I tore it down in 2 hours w/ the cylinder in my hands. A bike shop would have charged me $100.00+ just to do what I did. Now I can say I did it and know next time it will take me less time AND I can be sure my YZ timing is right upon reassembly.

I'm sure the shop mechanics have to follow their manuals... and that's if he can read! ThumperTalk has helped me so much and I am/was so far from a mechanic! Think about if the shops started using resources like this! Of course they won't. Their ego's would let them consider a customer has more knowledge about his bike that we do?

We need to find a Denver guy who specializes in 4-Stroke performance. We could send him SO MUCH business. Furthermore, maybe ThumperTalk could have some sort of referral service for wrench guys worldwide?

That's how I am with A-Loop. "Neal, you can do anything you want to the suspension, but don't let anyone mess with the motor!"


I know they are supposed to follow the manual. But, when I turned it in, they asked me if I wanted them to convert the timing to YZ specs. I told them, 'it is already YZ timed', and they wrote that down on their service order. I assumed that was all the info they needed to put it back that way.

WRONG ! ! !

If I would have known for sure that it needed a head gasket replaced, I would have certainly done it myself to save money, learn, and do it right. But, I didn't know for sure that was the problem when I gave it to them.

Live and learn!

By the way Jake, Doug and I can both convert to YZ timing in our sleep! Probably in the dark too! Just in case your interested in the near future.


[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 04-07-2000).]

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