It works!!! But i need moore help


I putted the stock exhaust and the airbox lid back on my bike and guess what... now it works great (and i was SO close just to trade it in to a 2 stroke). So what was the problem?? it cant be the jetting, according to WB they think u shold start with the original jetting, just like i did and then go from there. Can it be my 360 deg exhaust heat shield cover that i installed on my wb to keep it from burning upp my rear fender???

maybe i could cut it down to a 120 deg

should i remove the whole airbox lid or just the snorkel???

some of you are riding around with only 5 discs maybee thats the way to go??

Moore discs = moore fuel, is it that simple???

Thanx in advance

//Håkan in SWEDEN

I was out this evening again and tryed the e series with 5 discs no heat shild and just the airbox snorkel removed (0 deg cels) and it never fouled today either so i am blaming the problem very much on the heat shield and thats wb original parts.... I tried with 12 discs also today and the bike worked ok but it is way too loud for me, it was much moore silent with the heat shield on so i switched to 5 discs instead and i think i got a really fine power curve and a really nice noice level.

I have tried to richen the jetting previosly, i went up on the pilot to 48 and up on main to 178 but the only thing that happend was that it was fouling plugs like crazy, 5 plugs in 3 riding days(And they cost nearly 20 us dollars a piece here in Sweden) so i got sick of it and went back to the original jetting.

I dont know maybe i did something wrong, maybe i need to rejet or maybe and just maybe my bike will work now.........

//Håkan SWEDEN

I run 5 discs and the WB heat sheild without any problems. I too only have the snorkel removed (on advice from several race teams, as they say it makes no difference, it's just louder and gives a false impression)and my main jet for the 99 is 172 and 48 pilot. For the 2000 model with this setup you need to go down to a 168 main.

Ok now this must be pretty good, as the standard plug is still in it after 1,000kms, and I bet it will still be there for another 1,000kms.


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Sounds like it works for you then? Or are you still tuning it? If it does, then hey, awesome :) Should stay running well for a long time. Are you happy with the bike now? Or still going to a two smoke? I thought so... :D Good luck

Woohoo... Glad you got it running. You will have to go up on main jet size, probably pilot too, and raise the needle, because the pipe will lean out your mix. The stock pipe w/o insert is not terrible... If the heat shield does not cover the end of the pipe (I would imagine it does not) it will not have a terribly huge affect (to the level you were talking about). Have you done plug chops or checks to determine how the mix is? You are running about the densest air you can find (cold, sea level) so you will need to jet way rich. Good luck.

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