Memorial Moab Trip Pulled Out From Under Me

AAAAHHHHGGGG! It's like Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown :D

So my wife gets a call last night from one of her good friends who now lives in Orlando. I'm upstairs and I hear squealing and laughing. I peak out the door smiling and I ask what's going on?

My wife proceeds to tell me her friend is getting married. I said great, give her my congrats. Then my wife says they are getting married Memorial Weekend and she has been asked to be the maid of honor.

I quickly realize this is a huge conflict of interests. My annual Memorial Weekend Moab trip is all set. I ask "how are you going to watch Sophie (our baby girl) and stand up at the same time". And of course I knew this was coming...she says, "that will be your job."

:) Moab pulled out from under me. This is tradition she is messing with damn it. I've never even met this girl. Although my wife says she came to our wedding :D

So, I guess I can look at the bright side...I get to go to Florida. But I'd rather me in Moab.

My point to this is I am looking to get to Moab in April, possibly March. Anyone planning a trip out there soon and do you mind if I tag along...plleeaasssee :D


I go down to Moab every third weekend or so. If you plan a trip, let me know and I'll try to meet you. By the way, I will be there this weekend for some great riding if you want to try to get out at the last minute.



Total bummer amigo! I definitely know the feeling however. Somehow life changes for us when we get married and have a child... :)

I'll most likely be heading out sometime in April. I'll drop you and John a line and let you know when...


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