Need Your Odometer

I have a Canadian '00 WR, and the odometer is in kilometers. Yea I know we're eventually suppose to convert to the metric system, but I guess I'm getting old (36) and stubborn. And it's getting to be a pain to do the math conversion in my head while riding. If anybody wants to sell their odometer that they've removed, please email me at

PS: I have a riding buddy that bought a CAN XR650R, and he is having the same problem. I know he is also interested in a US odometer (if there's more than one of you that want to get rid of yours).


I remember back in elementry school the teachers told us we were going to metric.I'm now 28 :).I hope we never go to metric.I know its easier,but i'm also stubborn.

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baja designs has some nice speedos they work great and bolt wright up to yuor wr cable.The one i use cost 65.00 and go'es to 120mph with resetable trip meter and full milage counter.



Don't be trying to do the math for a Metric to US conversion at speed.

Tree! ! !

WHAM ! ! !



Highly recommend the ICO or Analog speedo from Baja. You could also try a mountain bike computer, but don't expect too much durability.


Thanks for all the advice guys. I have thought about the bicycle computer thing, and the actual speedometer thing as well. I just thought that someone out there might have their odometer sitting on a shelf gathering dust, and want to get rid of it for a lot less than the $65 Baja Designs wants for there bottom end speedo. I'll come up with something!

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