Need Boot Advice

I just bought a pair of new ('99) AXO RC4 boots today. They seemed like a good compromise between the spendy Alpinestars, and the low end Thor and Fox models. I have never owned a "new" pair of boots before. At the dealer, they felt pretty good as compared to all the others I tried, but when I was wearing them at home later, I started feeling some pressure points on the sides. It actually started to get a little painful (waa!) when I was trying to squat down and flex them to try and break 'em in a little.

Is it normal at first to have pressure points or sore spots with new boots? Does it just take some breaking in to make them more comfortable? Do the pressure spots ease up after continued wear?

Give me some feedback guys.......I'm going riding tomorrow, and I don't know if I should just wear them and figure on trying to break them in, or take them back and try to find a pair that is more comfortable off the shelf. :)

Most of the modern motorcycle boots are a bit stiffer and will improve with break in. However, I don't think they should be painful. If it's where the boot is leather it would probably go away. If it's plastic it depends on the boot and where it's at.

I wear very thick socks (MX-Fox) and they seem to help with my new boots. But, it there are some spots that are too tight I don't think they will help.

I bought the Fox Alta boots and they have a dense foam lining in the ankle area that took a while to break in. they seem to slowly mold to your ankle shape as they heat up/wear in. Hopefully this is what you are referring to. My hockey skates did the same thing. The plus side is after a short break-in period, the boots will be fiited to your paricular foot. I agree with jamesd that the moto socks help.


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I was always told, and correct me if I am wrong, to go up one size when buying new boots. I wear a 12 and always buy a size 13 and they always feel good right off the bat. Ive had expierences with buying things and them not feeling right, then using them anyways hoping they will "break in" and it dosent happen. Whatever you decide, good luck.


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2 recommendations.

1. Buy a pair of SuperFeet (non prescription orthodics) you can get them at most good sporting goods stores, check the ski boot area.

2. I wear Thorlo ski socks. Super thick where it's needed.

these two mods made a big difference in my Alpinestars.


I just bought the same boots and had the same doubts the day I bought them. I wore them around the house and they killed my ankles. My first ride, they felt great (stiffer than a board though) and didn't feel any pain til I walked in them after. It's been 3 rides later and they feel 100% better and I really like them. It also made a huge difference sticking a pair of my old Timberland insoles in them. Much more comfortable!

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