YZ pipe on my WR

Found the best cheap (free if you are lucky) pipe for my WR. Was using a Pro-circuit pipe, the bike ran great but boy was it loud. Felt a little bad making so much noise. I know it is hard to believe, but I hear some people don't like their nature hikes interupted by growling motorcycles. I ordered an FMF pipe and hi-flo header, but the muffler was on back order. Had a brain storm and started calling people who had bought YZ400's and 426s, (got a list from my neighborhood Yamaha dealer). Found a YZ426 pipe in a guys garage, got it for a six-pack of Heineken and a little shop talk. Mounts right on and runs great. A lot quiter than the pro-circuit and just as much power. Don't know how much the hi-flo header contributed, since I never tried the YZ pipe with the stock WR header.

I did the same thing. A buddy got a pipe for his YZ4 and gave me his stock silencer (he also threw in a DMC head pipe!). Its loud, but way better that the stock (Canadian) boat anchor.

This will hold me off until I can save up the money for a new one.

me 2 . a free 426 pipe has the best hp/$ by far. its a lot quieter then an open wr pipe to boot.

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