im sure it has been asked before

im trying to decide between three bikes, 02 YZ426 with a white bros slip on, 2003 YZ450F that is highly modified (well suspension anyways) with a white bros carbon fiber muffler, or a crf450r (cant remember the year but it has a 5 speed) I ride at johnson valley, dumont, glamis, and el mirage, all pretty much wide open places, i really really like the YZ450, but im not sure it has enough gear for where i go being a 4 speed, and it makes me worry that ill beat on it too much when im flat out. being a 4 speed, whats you're opinion, on the 3 the 426 has about 20 hours on the bike, and is immac, as well as the crf450, any suggestions?

The newer(amount of use can also be a factor), the better. This one's totally up to you if the YZF and CRF are in the same condition. You'll have to decide between the pros and cons of each bike and see which one comes out on top.

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