Suspension set-up for new 07 YZ450

Just bought a 07 YZ450. I have had CRF 450 Honda's from 02 to 07. I am a senior rider at 185 lbs. What sag and suspension settings should I start with? I rode it once. I raised the forks 10 mm. Suspension felt borderline soft. Any info. appreciated. Thanks FRED

Fred, I set mine when I had stock suspension with the sag at 95mm. Since the steering on the yamaha isn't the most razor sharp in the corners this helped a bit. I ran the forks at stock level (even with the mark), and had the best results with that after trying just about every combination possible while riding in Texas over the winter on mx tracks. I had my suspension revalved front and rear from Borelli suspension and he installed fork canisters on the forks...this really helped everything big time. The soft forks in the initial part of the stroke let the big settle in the corners and this made the turning great as well as everywhere else. I would have this guy do my stuff again for sure and the price is right as well. I'm hooked. Good luck...oh yeah, ditch that stock front tire too..that'll help. Have fun!...burton

I run my sag at 105mm. turning is still okay with a michelin mh3 on front and the forks raised to the line. 95 seems a little aggresive, but we've had revalves from different companies, so that may be a factor.

I'm a 200Lb B mx rider and I run 98mm sag 10mm up on forks. Both ends rebound stock settings, fork comp 5-7depends on track and 6 low speed and 1-1.5 on high speed depends on track, I need stiffer srings but valving is close.

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