I've just bought a new '00 WR400 and was dissapointed to find that the standard spring that comes with the bike only takes riders up to 154 pounds in weight.

As I'm 190 pounds, I'll have to go for the stiff spring upgrade, but there is three different stiff springs to choose from. Does anybody know which ine I should go for?

Other than that,.......the bike is fantastic.



SAY WHAT???? Whatever happend to just bumping up the spring preload! If you need to replace yours so will I! I weigh 200lbs!

It says so in the manual....

To get to the correct sag, you have to wind the spring up past its recommended minimum length.

(For persons of our weight)

check out the manual... page 7-18 (section 7, page 18)

I agree with Darren. I weight 200, my spring is tightened beyond minimum length. Is at 9 1/8" now there is no static we're in same boat,,but budget is shot so I will live with it this season. Am just goin to back it off til the static sag comes back and leave it.

You folks need a heavier spring for your shock. I have a '99 WR. I weigh about 240 with gear or about 110kg. I left the fork stock - I believe 0.46. I went to a 5.6 RaceTech spring for the shock. Now the front and rear are much better balanced and it works well for me.

Eric in WA

I am about 260 lbs and just ordered a 5.6 shock spring from Yamaha.

Race Tech recommended a 5.8, but I thought I would try the 5.6 first. If I make the jump to 5.8, I would probably need to increase the fork springs to keep things balanced and might need to re-valve too.

Limited funds, so I thought I'd give Eric in WA's setup a try. I'll post how it works out.


I'm about 230 without gear. I have .47 in the forks and .58 (with 13mm preload) for the shock. If I wasn't going to be doing any MX track then I probably would have went with a .56 for the shock.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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Hey MotoGreg:

Did you do any re-valve with that 5.8 or can you get a decent set up with the stock clickers?

Is it balanced pretty good with the 0.47/5.8

Thanks for the info.


Hey Darren,

Before you drop a ton of money on the springs, you might try talking to Neal at A-Loop. He still personally does three or four of the Pro Enduro guys' suspension work - Randy Hawkins & Steve Hatch.

He made limited modifications to my (XR) set up, the bike worked better at about a third the cost. (He drilled the valves and switched oil) Later that season, when my check book could cover it, I went in for the springs and valves. It's well worth the whole enchilada. My WR cost about $550 for RaceTech valves and springs.

You will need to get fairly specific with your riding type - enduro vs MX. There isn't any switch or clicker that will help us big guys with both.


240# without gear, and I carry a lot!

You can change the spring yourself in an hour or so. Its a piece of cake if you have a couple sockets and a pair of vice grips(he he oops those are for the Hondas :D)I am 195 in riding form and the stock springs on my 99 are fine of course the race tech internals I installed make a difference too. By the way its important that the octane rating of your fork oil be a minimum of 187 otherwise when the pressure builds as the fork compresses you could get preignition and cause a harsh ride to occur. :)


Bruce, ya I thought I heard pinging from the forks, must be the low octane fork oil :)

Heywood, ya they revalved everything to yz style. I don't know exactly, all I know is that it doesn't bottom anymore on hard landings and it really launches off jumps different.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

Visit my photo album AT YOUR OWN RISK!! My photo album

Anyone here a sportbike fan also? Then visit us here at

Thanks guys...

At least I know now that I read the manual correctly...

Bruce... as far as the octane rating in the forks is concerned, if you carry a fettling stick with you and poke the forks at the given time you should be ok. BUT dont forget to get the angle of the dangle spot on or you will get up on the ginky fours and swine dive with the hookle splines. :)

Thanks again..




[This message has been edited by Darren Santilli (edited 04-04-2000).]

I weigh 200lb and have left the stock springs in.

O.K they're wound up to the maximum recommended, but they work fine

Hope this helps you



You all need to go on diets you fat ass bastards :)

I'm 6'4" tall!!! Just how much weight can I lose? Oh, and I'm right in the ideal weight range for my height thank you very much! :)

Fluke, I am afraid your right, but being the lazy fat ass bastard that I am, its easier to buy suspension parts than actually loose weight.

Just stop eating.

Then you wont be fat.

Doh !

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