Never Riden in Sand

I'm going riding in sand for the first time. I'm looking for tips. How many paddles do I need and on what size tire for my wr450f? Stock tire is 110/100-18. Someone told me I might want a new front tire as well, is it necessary? ANy tips are helpful. Thanks!

Well your in for some fun!

Sand riding gives me the shits! You have to stay back a bit on your seat to keep the front wheel light. The slower you go the harder it is to ride, so got to give it heaps. You will get the idea after the first few stacks. :thumbsup:

Never had any experience with paddles though. :thumbsup:

Start off in second gear, especially on a hill, and shift early..... keep those RPM's up.


Accelerating will help you keep control. You are more stable even at slow speeds if accelerating.

For instance, slowing down from 30 to 25 mph will be way less stable than going from 25 to 30 or even 5 to 10. Speed doesn't matter, acceleration does.

Have fun!!!

8 paddles works best.or deflate to 7-8 psi with a fairly new knobby.your chain is going to slap badly if you don't keep your speed up or lug around.front tire choice makes little difference ,you steer with the back and the throttle.make sure to grease the airbox ring where the filter makes contact.NO LEAKS OR DEATH TO THE MOTOR!!!!!!!:thumbsup: plan on buying a new air filter and throwing that one away.momentum in sand is everything.let off the gas and the front tire sinks and responds poorly.on the gas all the time!

Start off in second gear, especially on a hill, and shift early..... keep those RPM's up.


second gear starts will help with tire spin.

and stay off the front brake. remember, the faster you slow down, the faster your front tire dives into the sand.

get some tinted goggle lenses....something nice and dark. sand is similar to snow in the fact that it is so bright, small lumps tend to get washed out. you will see better and ride safer with some tinted lenses.

keep your weight over the back tire, and steer with the throttle. it is really easy to get that skinny front tire all caught up, and you can eat the handlebar pretty easy.

be prepared to go ass over tea kettle at least a few times. i know it happened to me the first few times in sand.

and as far as i am concerned, for a day of dedicated sand riding, a paddle is a must. any paddle will do, even the cheap Cheng Shin paddles. you wont make it far up steep hills without a paddle. remember your clutch work when hill climbing, keep the RPMS UP in the meat of the power.

a WR450 will outpull almost everything at the dunes. Even modded out quads dont stand a chance. have fun!

second gear starts will help with tire spin.

Yep.... I use a knobby when I hit the sand..... which is rare (ocotillo). If you want to know more about paddles, do a search, but I have read the cheapo's will work just fine.

I learned to ride in the sand by sitting way back on the seat. If fact, sometimes I would sit so far, my butt would be off the seat. As said previously, you must keep the weigh of the front wheel. The rest will come naturally.

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