tt ais removal instructions

I just purchased the tt ais removal kit. During the process of packaging for shipment the instructions were glued and then stapled to the box. I tried to remove but managed to swiss cheese the second paragraph talking about removing fittings. I was wondering if anyone that has purchased this kit might still have the instuctions and could post the paragraph.

Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to install this kit tonight. This is for an 2007.


Unfortunatley, I have the instructions for the GYTR Kit. I can't believe they are very different.

You basically take off the control valve (the thing that looks like a pump), feed pipe and vacuum hose. The control valve hose is in front by the exhaust port. One vacuum hose comes from the cylinder base on the right side (kick starter side) and the other comes from the top of the airbox on the left side. You install the block off plate to the front right below the exhaust port. You install the plugs to the corresponding sizes where you removed the vacuum hoses.

Then it's on to the re-jetting...

thanks for the info.

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