FlyWheel Weights

I've been reading some posts on adding a flywheel weight on the WR and am a little confused. Some of you have added 6oz, 10oz, or 12oz weights. I'd rather not have to guess which weight is best. So which is it? I'd appreciate to hear all of your opinions on the different weights. And could you also add information where to purchase them.

I was exagerating about the tractor bit. There seem to be some riders with more than 6oz here and it hasn't greatly affected accelleration. By tractor I mean it would take a lot to stall the motor!!!

I think 6-8oz is what *I* am looking at for my WR. The heavier weights may be aimed at the YZ since it's flywheel is lighter than the WR's is.

The April 2000 issue of Motocross Action has a guide to YZ-F engine parts. These companies make flywheel weights for the bike:

DNA - (303)278-2940 (Denver area???)

Steahly - (800)800-2363

Stroker - (760)948-2871

Terrycable - (760)244-9351

Where do your ride? The tighter and more tecnical the trails the more a heavier flywheel helps. If it's a mix, of open trails and tight stuff, you want something lighter.

Personally, the only way to tell would be to ride equal bikes with different weights over the same trail.

6oz helps prevent stalls and gives better traction... 12oz probably turns the bike into a tractor. :)

I ride a mix. Definitely do not want a tractor but the deceleration benefit floats my boat! Looking like a 6oz. weight is currently the way to go.

I'm looking for more compression breaking and less wheel spin. Also, since rolling the cam the bike is stalling way too easily.

The 10 ounce Terrycable unit is looking good right now. Any suggestions on other manufacturers? Drill & Tap vs. Welded? Flywheel removal headaches?

I have a Terry Cable 6 oz and 8 oz flywheel weight for sale, $30 each. I do not have any mounting hardware or mounting tools. A local motorcycle shop installed mine for me. The weights have mounting holes in them. Let me know if you are interested.

Paul in AZ

480-891-8442 weekdays or email

Paul, If the 8 ouncer fits my 99 WR, count that one history.

As far as I know Terrycable only makes either a 10 or 12 for the wr. The kit they have that comes with three different sized weights is for the yz400 and they do not fit the wr. At least that's what Terrycable told me when I got mine.


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