Here is my story Last Sunday I was out on my 00 WR and it ran great rode all day no problems. Go out yesterday turn the fuel on and it starts coming out the over flow bike wouldn't start shut fuel off changed plug got it running took it for a ride and fuel no longer coming out over flow. Now the plug I put in was a plug I had fouled another day so the bike didn't run very well which was the plug I presume. Once a plug has been fouled is it junk orcan it be cleaned up. I think my set up is still really rich which seems strange 180 main 48 pilot drq needle (stock waiting for dvp) so I guess I start going leaner. On stroker they recomend a 100 pilot air any thoughts on that. Also float levels any tips.

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If the plug is fouled, I would put in a new one. There are ways to clean plugs (abrasive, acid, and heat) but none of them are terrific, and with a high performance engine I like the insurance that the cost of a plug brings. Do NOT use the abrasive method on bike plugs, they are too small and can trap the stuff in them and do bad things. The acid method involves tossing the plugs in an acid (I have heard vinegar) for a day or so, and they clean up... Never tried it myself, but it is supposed to work. I have tried the heat method, which is to take a propane torch and heat the plugs up SLOWLY to just barely visible red, and cool them back down slowly. I only really do this on Briggs and Stratton engines, as I would not want to kill my WR... Why is fuel running from the overflow? Isn't that bad? Like a stuck float?

I am yz timed airbox lid off dsp factory racing stainless steel pipe.

I agree with ButtonFly, if your peeing gas, check your float level, pin, and seat for adjustment and debris.

Chris, I have a 00 WR too at sea level to 3000 with about 70 humidity i run a 165 main and a 42 pilot and it came stock like that.

Set up like that the plug is a tan color just perfect, ho yes the air cleaner lid is removed and everything else is stock.


2000 WR400F


The two needles you are looking at are nearly identical except for the clip position. The DRQ is 2 clip positions richer than the DVP. The DRQ with the clip in #3 equals DVP with the clip in #5 from 1/8 to 3/4 throttle. (the DR and DV denote this) The other difference is P is richer than Q at 0-1/8 throttle. (2.735mm vs 2.745mm) This is very slight and may not even be noticeable.

Bottom line on needles is this-

- Letter D is taper(3/4 degrees).

- Second letter is clip height - P,R,T,V incrementaly one clip each step rich to lean.

- Third letter is straight diameter - L,M,N,P,Q,R,S (2.705-2.765mm) each step rich to lean. This only controls 0-1/8 throttle.(the manual shows 0-1/4, but I take exception)

Good Luck

James Dean

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