07 WR450F - Best pipe?

I have an 07 WR450F with the mods and JD jetting.

Which pipe will provide the greatest improvement? Is there a big difference in getting the entire exhaust as opposed to just a slip on?

I have read some good reviews for the FMF......which is best.

Thanks in advance,


I've been shopping for an exhaust for my WR the last few weeks as well and really it doesn't much matter aside from needing to be below a certain dB level and/or needing a spark arrester. Unless you're pro you don't really benefit from whatever difference one model offers from another (in most cases). At the enthusiast level it's mostly a matter of personal preference. I happen to like White Bros, but the XCR model is annoyingly long. I'd shop for price and weight personally. The biggest difference between the stock header and an aftermarket one is going to mostly be weight.

The FMF Q4 pipe is great but really expensive compared to some others out there.

With the exhaust, you have to really decide where you want power improvement.

I would say from my experience that a full system works better than just a slip-on, that's just because they are not limited by headpipe design. My procircuit's headpipe is a larger diameter and longer than stock for instance.

For all round power improvement, a slip-on is sufficient. I love the GYT-R slip-on's, makes the power fantastically linear. The FMF powercore slip-on seems to be a popular choice over there, and im sure someone would comment about it.

For bottom end grunt, best be changing to a longer header (power/mega bomb can be added later to a slip-on if you like). This is great for novice riders as you don't have to go flat out to get the power. Makes the bike way more controlable.

Bottom line is weather you get a full system or slip-on, it will be 10x better than stock (as long as it is not a quiet pipe!).

As fdubaaron said, most people buy a pipe depending on price. Just depends how much money you got to spend and what type of power you want. I wanted the absolute best pipe on the market, so I went with a Procircuit Ti GP system. It is amazingly lighter than stock, and the power it provides is unbelievable. Now, it is a loud pipe, but there are quiet tips available.

If I brought another pipe right now, I would lay my cash down on a Whitebro's Alloy pro II full system. They are about $us550 over there? They make more of an all round power improvement. An a big improvement they make as well! There are also tips available to adjust power / sound. :thumbsup:

If you want a quiet pipe, I would just save your money and buy a slip-on, as any benefits of a nice full system are negated by choking it up.

I will also say that a titanium pipe might be great and light, but they cost a lot more to fix or replace. I got a titanium pipe, and my header has just cracked after about 2 years of riding just about every week end. The Alloy versions seem to be much more durable and they make exactly the same power as their titanium counterparts. I would forget about carbon fiber mufflers as they fatigue very easily and you can't really repair them. They also cost the most.

Have fun shopping! :thumbsup:

Unless you're pro you don't really benefit from whatever difference one model offers from another (in most cases).

Pro's (like me!!! :busted:) use more top end, novices use more bottom end. Why buy a top end pipe if you are not going to use the power? I must also say that you will get more bottom end by changing mufflers (as long as it is not a quiet pipe!). I ended up getting my missus a vortex ignition to give her bike more low down grunt. Made it easier for her to ride. :thumbsup:

The biggest difference between the stock header and an aftermarket one is going to mostly be weight.
You just have to try out a power / megabomb header!!!:thumbsup:

The best 270 bucks I spent on my bike was the TI Powercore slip on. I am looking at a power/mega bomb header now. The bike sounds great and you can really feel a difference in the mid to high range. I absolutely love it!!!

I run the W.B. E-2, its a little big and I didn't like it at first (due to size) but it's a nice pipe.


I run the TI Powercore from FMF om my 07 WR450. I like the sound and the pipe barely sticks out past the end of the number plate. Rockymountainatv has them for $269 and if you use offer code 39228, you get an additional $20 off. That comes to $249 shipped to your door in 2 days.:thumbsup:

I got the GYT-R pipe and like it vary much.


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