PW 80 or XR 70

Any of you guys have any experiance with either of these two bikes? I'm looking to buy my 9 year old daughter her first bike and these two seem to be a good size for her. Thanks Dan

In September 2001 I was looking at upgrading my son (7 years old) from a PW50 and started considering my options. I looked at the PW80, but the PW50 is cute.....and the PW80 isn't. My nephew (the same age as my son) has an xr70 and my son really liked that bike so I thought I would look around for one of those. The used ones I could find were only $100-$200 less than new so buying used wasn't a worthwhile option. I happened to stop in the Yamaha shop one afternoon and noticed a NICE little ride in the TTR series of motorcycles. The TTR-90. About the same specs on the suspension and seat height, etc. with a three-speed semi-automatic transmission. The xr has an old look to it whereas the TTR-90 has a very racey, supercross look. The best was $100 less new than a new xr70 AND it has more power. I ended up buying the TTR-90 for my son and he loves it! It's got great bottom end power for climbing hills where his pw50 quickly ran out of steam.

Good luck!

TTR-90 photo...

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i bought my son a pw 80 about 3 yrs ago for his first bike...they are almost bullet proof...he just about rode the wheels off it..only problem i ever had with it was the swingarm bolt broke..but he was also trying to be a supercross hero when it happened :D:)

You may also want to look at the Kawasaki KLX (I think) 110. It is nearly the same bike as the TTR90 but the 20cc will help as the kids get heavier. It looks real good too.

Personally, I bought my son an 84 CR60 when he was 8 and his only previous bike was a PW50 a few years before. The clutch has been a learning curve, but a few trips to the dry lakebed where there is nothing to hit for 5 square miles, and his confidence is high enough now that he is riding easy tracks - just 1 year later.

BTW - the CR60 I got from a local paper for $275, and it's a great pit bike for me too :)

Just want to concur with the TTr-90 - great little bike, very similar weight and size to the PW80, but it is a mini-thumper... can't beat that... put it in second and it will run around all day... bullet proff, and fuel economy seems great... My son has never run out in a day of riding...

It is a bit more than the PW, but resale value is great... My 9 year old daughter loves it as well... 7 year old son loves it, hell, I reckon it's fun to crack wheelies on... LOL


Forgot to mention the PW I'm looking at is used $900 1999 model. The honda would be new aroun $1500 OTD. Since It's her fisrt bike I really didn't want to spend too much - We need helmets and gear for her and my son as well. My 6 tear old son will get this bike in a year or two so I will have it for awhile.

:D I can recomend the PW...bought my 6 year old son one for x-mas, He loves it, now we have de-restricted it, it'll wheelie with me on, it's really good on gas and two stroke oil, I'm still onthe first tank of oil, it's used about 1 inch down, to about 4 tanks of gas, a tank will last all day, they crash well !!!

The TTR is a cool bike but if you can't run to it then the PW isn't just a poor 2nd, but a good alternative :)

We have quite a bit of experience with the pw80. Ours has been through my nephew, my daughter, my son and every kid that has ever visited. It has held up extremely well, with little maintenance. The muffler broke off a couple of times and needs welded back on right now, but it is probably 6-7 years old. I think the tt-r 90 and the klx 110 look real cool, but my kids have moved past that age.

It is my belief as well that all XRs are bullit-proof, and it is impossible to go wrong there. Bottom line is let your kid sit on all of them and see which one fits them best and turns them on. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you see that light in your kids eyes shine!!

Oh, one more thing. I remember reading that it is better to buy new minis because the resale value of them prevents you from getting a really good deal, and you can always get your money back out when you sell.


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