Night Riding: Enduro Light or 8"

I have just acquired a WR stator, flywheel, CDI, wiring harness, and regulator and am preparing to set my bike (2001 YZ426F) up for a 24 hour race this fall. The terrain is pretty wide open, with a few technical challenges in some tighter stuff. I have a 2000 WR400F setup and can produce 130 watts max.

Given a lot of fourth gear riding, grass track, boulders, and a lot of dust should I go with a Baja Designs Enduro (WR style) light with a 80W super white PIAA bulb? Or should I go with an 8" (wife's suggestion) race light running 55W or 100W?

I am planning on buying Trail Tech MR16 HID helmet light with battery pack for my helmet light. At $309 is this a waste? Last year I rode with a yellow colored homemade helmet light, but it left a lot to be desired. This new light looks awesome.

So, are there a few of you out there with experience that can make a recommedation :thumbsup:

This past weekend we just did a 120 mile team race out in the so cal desert.

I raced my 2005 WR with the stock light, upgraded bulb, and helmet light.

If I was to do this again I would go with a 8" halogen from Baja Designs or their Diablo HID light.

I think the 8" would be a good light if you replace the bulb with a brighter one, but don't forget a solid helmet light cus that 8" halogen has a big fat dark spot about 10 to 15' in front of you're fender.

I never really wanted more light in the slow stuff with the stock light, but I felt I could of used 25 more feet of light on the high speed sections.

Hope this helps. You can always call Baja Designs and get the full story on lights. Or this months Dirt Rider mag has a fair write up on lights.

Peace, Eddie :thumbsup:


So your going to ride the 24 hour team race??. Nice.

We are finally getting back to Mt.Hood and out of Phoenix.

Should be up in NW by months end.

Let me know what you go with for the helmet light. I have been looking at Trail Techs SCMR16 and Nite Riders Cannibal. I think both use the same bulb, but Trail Tech tells me only 90 minutes of burn time. The Nite Rider claims 4-6 hours of burn time (says on website).

I want to do some night rides in the woods this summer, now racing is a whole different thing.

Good luck


That MR16 should wire right into the headlight harness, I know my Cyclops does. I use mine for the Buttstomper at Reiter so there are some down hills that eventually lead to dead sticking so I wired it direct to my bikes battery so I would light should the engine stop (I still get more than 90 minutes). At Starvation ridge you should be able to wire it direct into your lighting harness and not worry about the motor stalling, the Cyclops are alot cheaper than the Trailtech and are a quality product made here in the Northwest :thumbsup: A 35Watt MR16 is pretty bright.

Hey Ryan,

Arei got invited to ride with the shredbetty's at the 25 hr. so it looks like I have to do something for lighting. I'm leaning towards the 8" halogen and an HID helment light. The guy to talk to is Tia's dad Stan.

IF you are going to spend the money on a HID unit being a helmet light or whatever you will be better off buying a Baja Designs HID unit either a Diablo or an 8 inch single Soletek Race light and get more light and bang for you buck.

Thanks for the recommendations so far.

Due to financial reasons I will not be running HID on my YZ. I am pretty well limited to halogen for a bike light. It sounds like the 8" is the way to go here. Now the question is how many watts to run. 55? or 100?

My thought is to run the 100 as the WR stator is max rated at 130, and BD recommends the 100 for the WR. My bike is old, so I would like to have a light that I could bolt up to a new bike, and will sell the stator setup outright separate from the bike eventually.

I am thinking about the Trail Tech MR16 HID off of a battery pack because it is nice to have light when the bike stalls. Last year I was riding a friends DRZ400 with the homemade light setup wired in, the light shorted and killed the electrical system. It was DARKKKK!!!!! Never again will I get stuck out in BFE trying to solve an electrical issue without light.

The MR11 is another possibility for helmet lights, not a bright, but you get two and the battery pack will last longer. For the race all I need is a 90 minute charge, but 2.5 hours would be nice for woods rides.

The Niterider is out of the question, just too expensive from what I can see. What about the cyclops HID-004 ? Has anyone ran this light? Which Trail Tech is it comparable too?

I was just up at Taneum with the owner of Cyclops, he came up and did a little, fun night enduro we do as a club. He was running a HID helmet light but had a halogen in his pocket that he was ready to switch to. He claims that the Halogens are better for woods while the HID's are better for open terrain I think it has to do with the color of the light:excuseme:

End Result: After stating that there is no way I could afford HID I had a hell of an opportunity to purchase an 8 inch TT HID light along with two TT MR11 helmet lights that came with (1) 2200 battery, (2) 4400 batteries, and a charger. I floated the ground with a ton of help from a friend and we wired everything up.


I road the county road last night and was amazed at how much light this thing throws down. I could easily see a quarter mile ahead and it shatters the light my 05 Chevy puts out with High Beams. The helmet lights are not really noticed yet, but I haven't got into hilly terrain or tight stuff.

Overall I am super satisfied and amazed that I have a full HID system. I would like to ride an 8 inch halogen for comparison.

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