Air Box lid

I just got a '99 WR400 with 380 k's on it.

Should i remove the air box lid with the standard exhaust in place or wait until i get a new exhaust.

Also what is de-octipussing? (Sorry if you have already been over this)

Thanks for your time.

The octopus is the goofy conglomerate of hose that is connected to your hot start air circuit. Following the procedure posted by Clark, I removed mine. Aesthetically, it is 100% better. I did use all the recommended jetting changes. The bike does (did) run fine.

I have about 6 rides on my '00 WR with stock (Canada) exhaust, and airbox lid in place. Yesterday I decided to remove the lid to see how much of a difference it would make. HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! I couldn't believe how much of a noticeable difference it made in the lowend and midrange. Way more torque just off idle, etc. WOW! And the increase in noise is so minor that it is insignificant.

I can't believe how this bike rips. AND YOU GUYS THAT ARE SWITCHING TO THE AFTERMARKET EXHAUSTS TO GET MORE KICK FROM THIS ANIMAL, WELL, I SALUTE YOU! I'm perfectly content with the muscle this monster makes in stock form.

Interesting Tim.

Many folks say the difference between no airbox top and having it in place is non existant and your mind is tricked because it is a little louder.

When I took mine off, I did it two days before a ride. I did it at someones suggestion and was VERY sceptical about it. But, I figured, it's free, what the heck. While riding that day I forgot I had removed it. I remember thinking, 'man this bike seems to be quite a bit torquier today'. And, I noticed the extra noise too. It's not THAT noisy though.

After a few hours, I remembered that I took it off. I was STOKED ! ! !

Personally, I think it made a very nice, although small, noticible change off the bottom and it's FREE! If it's all in my mind, so be it!

Try it and let us know what YOU think!


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