What is this connector?

There are actually 2 plugs that don't plug into anything, one directly below the display with four wires going into it. Then another white one just below it with 6 wires into it.



its for the flux capacitor.

actually, i have no clue. look up the microfiche schematic for that bike and see if it is listed.

For your turn signals and horn...... duh

For your turn signals and horn...... duh

Maybe not so funny, these bikes come street legal in other countries!!

Yes, sarcasm for those not fortunate to have that option.

Ok, looking at the wiring schematic for the 2007, you can see the 4-pos connector in the diagram, and they come from the meter: Ch=SLCT1, Dg=SLCT3,Y=RST,B=GND. This appears to be a method to have a remote switch for changing the info on the display (like a handlebar switch). This obviously has nothing to do with horn or turn signals.

Now, the other connector, with 6 wires into it: I cant find this on the schematic, but my guess is its a diode pack. Maybe you can unwrap the electrical tape and take another pic?

The four plug one is for the optional thumb operated remote. It was on the GYTR section of the Yamaha website, but it looks like they discontinued it. I was going to get one, but after trying the computer I can see why they do not have it anymore. Its hard enough to use when your stopped.:thumbsup: The other one I have no idea.

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