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My 2001 DR650 pics and mod list

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A little slow here so I thought I would post this

I bought my DR in 2003 bone stock with 1,100 miles

There are more pics of the mods in action in my garage

MY 2001 DR650


• Dynojet needle, 5th clip from top

• Custom needle to slide spring gizmo (fixes D shelf issues)

• Slide spring cut 3.5 coils but has a 2.5 mm spacer to get back some preload

• Slide is drilled per Jesse’s website

• Main jet 152.5mk

• Airbox cut per Jesse’s website

• K&N filter, no prefilter

• Header weld ground til gone

• Stock pipe

• 520 chain 16t front 43t rear

Pirelli scorpion ST tires

• Superbrace fork brace

• Seal protector boots

• Lowered front fork (factory method)

• 10 weight fork oil filled to 6” of air

• 15mm aluminum donuts to add preload to stock fork springs

• Lowered rear

Eibach rear spring (7.2 - I think)

• Moose skid plate modded to use factory weld on’s and crank case bolt (Suzuki’s long version)

• Rear flap shortened, removed stock plate light, remounted plate and added an LED light hidden under fender

• Custom rear rack (used bullet bros as a guide)

• Custom heat shield with longer standoffs to increase air gap/decrease bag burning

• A cool little block that mounts on the stock pipes expansion chamber mount, then is drilled and tapped so a bolt holds the back end of the sideplate off the pipe.

• Custom aluminum bent plate to hold left saddle bag away from tire area

• Joe rocket velocity saddlebags

• Moose hand guards, black

Buell lightning headlight, dual relays allow running the hi and low at the same time

• Custom dash console with, 12 volt power adaptor, handwarmer switch, Vapor computer, remounted stock indicator lights

• Vapor computer wired to read oil temp at spare drain plug. GPS tuned

Dual star handwarmers/ pro rally gel grips

Corbin saddle, leather top, vinyl sides

• KTM super motard front fender (black)

• Summer screen, buell lightning in clear blue

• Cold/tour mode :National cycle deflector and a custom plate to cover the wiring mess

As it sits it has 22,000 miles on it. It gets 49-50 MPG running side roads

tour/cold mode


tour close view


summer mode (summer's a little colder around here)


this is a view w/o the big shield, the black plate is aluminum that has been sprayed with rhino liner. That plate is removed and the buell (clear blue) shield mounts there




Great bike, not one original mod idea on it - All came from here


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First class stuff. Love the headlights. Sounds like you got your carb sorted now too. -Bravo :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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my wish list:

lace up a 19" front wheel on the stock hub (might happen)

new fork springs (hopefully this winter)

redo the whole dash/console to integrate the buell mounts and mount the vapor flush in the dash (this winter)

new side panels, (probably never happen - can't see them from the saddle)

although I just burned my right side for the second time when I went back to the stock pipe (see cool block thingy mod above - won't happen again)

Make up some saddle bag racks to bolt on my rear rack and support the bags (like turbocity rack in a recent post)

right now it's in lockdown mode - no wrenching til after next weeks tour. She's ready to go, I just have to do a once over retorque and add gas

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Great looking bike! I particularly like the headlights and the custom console. I'm seeing things that i want to do to my '07 stocker!

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The carb has been good. Plugs even look good. I am still imagining a surge but if I clamp the throttle by grasping the grip and the handguard it goes away. I think it all comes down to me not being able to hold the throttle steady thru bumps

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1 Hellvaa good job WYBS !

There is one photo that I missed, and one addition I yet to get on mine...

The Fav. Photo;


And the part(s) I got to figure out is the highway pegs........


There gone on the new(er) shots,,, So can I buy them from you ?

how about I buy the design rights from yaa and stamp out a ton of em for the TT Peeps ?

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Wow, just came across this topic via Google search for 'DR650 Modded'. I took one look at the console and thought "Hey! thats my bike!"

I bought this bike a few months ago from a guy who let it sit since 2012. (last inspection)

It ran horribly! I pulled the float bowl and found the inside was literally green.

After much scrubbing with a toothbrush and cleaning, I finally had it running better.

Sadly though it still wasn't 100%. It suffered from a very very loud backfire during decel.

Made the jump and installed a TM40-6 pumper carb and it's been fantastic.

Also replaced the stock exhaust with something about 15lbs lighter.

Besides all that I've put new tires on it and ride it daily.


Unfortunately, though it did suffer from something that was truly terrifying to me.

Who ever installed the rear spring used an aluminum base that literally tore in half due to tension.

The bike dropped all the way to the ground upon acceleration. I was very fortunate the girlfriend wasn't on the back.

I had a box of parts they guy gave me that contained all the stock parts so I simply reinstalled them.

The rear end is now back to regular height. I'm also happy to read the front end WAS lowered and plan on raising it again this winter.


It looks like the original poster Wybs hasn't been here since 2011 which is when he probably sold the bike to the dude I bought it from.

But I just want him to know its in good hands and still rips along better than ever. 


2017-07-07 09.29.35.jpg

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Over the past year, I decided to work on her a little bit.

Don't know how the original owner will feel about it, but it sure is fun to ride.




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